Dear Valued partner

We – a team of friendly people – came together to combine our lifelong love of travelling with our expertise in tourism, environment and sustainability and the result is Alter Greece – the first company in Greece, focusing on offering all travellers the alternative look on the Greek nature, culture and heritage. Our vision is to coordinate and offer our guests an alternative approach of Greece and we have selected the best tourism professional experts to make sure that this is the case.
The alternative side of Greece… but what would that be? In Alter Greece, we see this as being the fresh look on the greek nature, culture and landscape, such that the close relationship and interactions between those and the marvellous ancient Greek civilization are revealed. It is not just about visiting places, monuments and areas but about satisfying all senses– its all about breathing the air, smelling the fragrances and tasting the tastes of Greece.
We are reaching to you, to let you know that we are prepared and committed to working with you and becoming your trusted partner in Greece – a reliable partner with whom your clients can experience Alter Greece and return home filled with memorable experiences lasting a lifetime. Because this is what travelling is ultimately about – memories, experiences and senses! Fresh ideas, tailored and customized options, personable communication for you and your guests, tours designed to the last detail and clear invoicing options is what our team can offer. We may not be the largest team of travel experts, but we are definitely the most reliable ones in Greece!
We look forward to speaking with you, finding out what your thoughts are on these, and help you build the perfect experiences for your guests! Please do contact us either by email at:, or by completing the communication form.

Best regards,
Alter Greece team