If you want to experience more than ‘postcard’ Greece, then ALterGreece is the way to go!
Our tours save you from the usual island hopping or the Acropolis and nightlife tours! With us you will enjoy gorgeous landscape, experience wine tasting and savor the delicious local cuisine! But above all you will not just visit Greece – you will discover, you will live and you will feel it!
With a background in the hospitality sector and many years of experience with trip planning and guiding, we came up with the idea to create a friendly environment, for our friends from all over the world to discover and indulge in the real beauties of Greece. Sun, sea, beaches, nightlife and famous landmarks such as the Acropolis have all been well known for many many years and are the main reason that people visit Greece. What most people don’t know however, is that this is not all Greece has to offer. With a history of centuries, this beautiful country is the place where so many philosophers, artists and scientists were inspired to create artifacts such as the Parthenon, or come up with ideas and concepts that would later become the foundation for the set up and progress of societies all over the world.
But what makes this land so special? Well, it has been recognized widely, that Greece enjoys a unique landscape and that the way this landscape has interacted with the human environment is so special, that all these great people were able to create masterpieces!
Inspired and fascinated by this, we decided to bring together our knowledge of the landscape and experience in the hospitality sector to offer travelers the opportunity to get to know this other side of Greece – the one that tantalizes the senses!